Sunday, October 4, 2015

So Long Summer.

You can tell summer is over, the air is crisp into the afternoonand it's dark so much earlier. I'm not having an easy time adjusting to the cooler temps outside and with it being dark earlier I'm having trouble being motivated to work out. I'm still eating clean but the workouts make me feel significantly better, as long as I make sure I get them in. I chose to wake up and take our dog for a walk to get moving instead. It was wasn't as demanding as Cize is for Cardio but on the walk I realized that before I started working on my fitmess my body wouldn't have been able to handle the walk with the ease that I experienced. It was super encouraging even though I'm not exactly running a 5k anytime soon, and realistically maybe never with my lower body problems. I'm very optimistic about how much more athletic I can be once my body has less weight on it and my conditioning is built up. I'm going to try to do a P90X3 workout before bed after I get my sunday meal prep and some laundry  done. #fitfoodgoals

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